On this page you will find freely downloadable toolkit material to run the electronic textile workshops and activities from An Internet of Soft Things.

The participants’ booklet contains an introduction to the project, all the practical making exercises (including textile circuits, switches and projects) and links to further information.

IoSoft workshop booklet (web version)

Alongside the making activities the workshops used reflection tools for participants to reflect on their experiences and feelings. Reflections were facilitated and supported by trained Mind staff and/or psychotherapists.

Version with themes: IOST starfish feb 2015

Version left blank to fill in own themes: IOST starfish feb 2015 BLANK

The final file is a booklet designed to train workshop facilitators to run the An Internet of Soft Things workshops. This contains further information on the activities,  information about problem solving with electronics and workshop tips and recommendations.

Workshop training guide (web version)

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