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E-textiles Swatch Exchange

Tincuta Heinzel, researcher in the frame of "An Internet of Soft Things" project, took part for a second time in the E-textiles Summer Camp Swatch Exchange launched by Hanna Perner-Wilson. The E-Textile Summercamp‘s Swatchbook Exchange is a platform for sharing physical work samples in the field of electronic textiles. The exchange wishes to emphasize the importance of physicality and quality workmanship in an increasingly digital world. ...more

Research In The Real World – SPTI

This year's Research Showcase at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute is 'Research In The Real World' and will be held on Saturday 21st November. We will be running a workshop reflecting on our experience of 'An Internet of Soft Things'. We will show one of the films made by Isabel Jones of salamanda tandem about our workshop process at Mind in Worksop, and we will invite delegates to join our discussion and to critically reflect on how person-centred values such as non-directivity, empathy and unconditional positive regard contributed and/or were challenged by this part of the project. ...more

A Narrative of An Internet of Soft Things – ArcIntex Network Conference 2015

This year we were extremely excited to be the next host for the the ArcInTex Network Conference. This was a packed week of  3 day and 1 day workshops and a 2 day symposium held between Nottingham Trent University and Antenna Nottingham. ...more

Last pilot study workshop………

.......... this afternoon! Looking forward to finishing making something and keeping fingers crossed it works   ...more

Phase 1-Pilot study workshops

For six weeks from November to December 2014 we conducted a series of pilot study workshops for An Internet of Soft Things. The workshops tested the planned practical activities; language used; the combination of PCA, textile making and therapeutic techniques; and the disciplinary relationships within our team. During the pilot study, participants developed textile circuits and soft switches using light as an output. They added electronic components to existing garments such as gloves and scarves, and then developed their own self-directed projects. Throughout the workshops, feedback and was collected allowing participants to reflect on their  experiences of the sessions and their wellbeing. [gallery ids="207,208,209"]   ...more