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E-textiles Swatch Exchange

Tincuta Heinzel, researcher in the frame of "An Internet of Soft Things" project, took part for a second time in the E-textiles Summer Camp Swatch Exchange launched by Hanna Perner-Wilson. The E-Textile Summercamp‘s Swatchbook Exchange is a platform for sharing physical work samples in the field of electronic textiles. The exchange wishes to emphasize the importance of physicality and quality workmanship in an increasingly digital world. ...more

“Vibrating Surface” prototype exhibited during eTextile Cuvée 2016

During 22 - 30 of July 2016 took place the 5th edition of E-textiles Summer Camp in Paillard France. The eTextile Summer Camp is a week-long event that brings together expert practitioners from the fields of eTextiles and Soft Circuitry. Gathering in the countryside of France, the camp offers participants space and opportunity to come together professionally and casually to exchange knowledge, share skills through hands-on workshops and engage in discourse around current topics. ...more


Last week, I attended CHI2016 #chi4good in San Jose, California with David Brown, Michael Hibbert and Andrew Crooks. The workshop was especially good on ‘Method Stories’, with lots of inspirational researchers working to involve participants, often with mental health issues, sensory impairments and/or cognitive disabilities. ...more

final Future Workshop today

We have run the first two Future Workshops with stakeholders from Mind in Bassetlaw, East Midlands, including volunteers, managers, the Clinical Commissioning Group mental health lead, service coordinators and of course service users, and today embark on the final workshop, a call to action. ...more

Phenomenology and fashion

Ania Sadkowska has worked with us on the service design phase of the project, creating networked handheld e-textile objects for participants to experience the potential of an internet of soft things, and devising the service design tool kit for applying this new experience to personal journeys. She leaves us now to complete her PhD, and opens her exhibition this week at the Bonington Gallery in Nottingham on Wednesday 16th  December at 4.30 pm. ...more

Designing with Smart Textiles

The Internet of Soft Things project has contributed to material for a new book on Designing with Smart Textiles, published in June 2016 by Bloomsbury (see listing here). Ancillary tutorial material listed in the book will be available after publication on this and the associated publisher website. See also the longer integrated projects making a HUG ball and using a crochet stretch sensor. Save Save ...more

Phase 2 of Project

We look forward to starting Phase 2 of the project next week at Mind in Worksop. The 6 weekly workshops will be open to new members as well as the participants from Phase 1.... It will be great to go back and meet everyone again and hopefully some new people too! ...more

Research In The Real World – SPTI

This year's Research Showcase at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute is 'Research In The Real World' and will be held on Saturday 21st November. We will be running a workshop reflecting on our experience of 'An Internet of Soft Things'. We will show one of the films made by Isabel Jones of salamanda tandem about our workshop process at Mind in Worksop, and we will invite delegates to join our discussion and to critically reflect on how person-centred values such as non-directivity, empathy and unconditional positive regard contributed and/or were challenged by this part of the project. ...more

Active Textiles, Arcintex 2015

The latest Arcintex conference - titled Active Textiles - was held at the Academy of Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania from 12-16 October. Martha and Sarah participated in Workshop 2 Experimenting Textile Integration with Active Components (led by Jussi Mikkonen) on the first 3 days, before a tour of Kaunas Biennale exhibition in a variety of locations across the city and also a factory visit to Omniteksas, a textile company. We stayed at the wonderful Panemune Castle, where Richard presented Participatory eTextiles design with mental health care communities as part of the main conference. see the publications page for the slides: ...more

service design in mental health

An introduction to service design for the team meeting 7th October 2015 - pdf of slides: serviceDESIGN Yesterday myself, Rachel and Haley went to the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (emahsn) Mental Health Innovation Exchange. Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust were handing these out, which is the closest I've seen to service design tools in mental health. Save Save ...more