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A Simple Voltage Divider Circuit

This tutorial details how to make a simple voltage divider circuit that can be used to measure input from physical variable resistance sensors such as flex sensors and pressure sensors. ...more

textile thermocouple concept

Tincuta, in collaboration with the Advanced Textile Research group at NTU, developed a concept for a textile temperature sensor based on thermocouple principles. This was linked to a larger idea, to develop sensors that signal their presence through their graphical design. ...more


As part of the project, the textile designers and computer science researchers developed a number of prototypes to demonstrate different modes of input and output with participants (analogue/digital; co-located, wi-fi enabled; gesture, touch, presence; light, movement). ...more

Photon Control of a MOSFET

This tutorial builds upon both the code base and circuitry as developed with the Particle.publish() and Particle.subscribe() example. This time around instead of registering a subscription that can be used to turn on or off an led we set one up to control a MOSFET. ...more

Photon Publish and Subscription Events

This post introduces the use of the Particle.publish() and Particle.subscribe() methods to enable photon devices to communicate via the Particle Cloud. ...more

Designing with Smart Textiles – ancillary tutorials

The Internet of Soft Things project has contributed to material for a new book on Designing with Smart Textiles, shortly to be published by Bloomsbury (see listing here). This post lists the ancillary tutorial material listed in the book. Each link will take you to a short tutorial. Links will be added as material is developed. See also the longer integrated projects making a HUG ball and using a crochet stretch sensor. ...more

Make a crocheted stretch sensor

  We are aiming to make a bag with a handle that senses when you have over-filled it.   The steps in this project are: crochet the sensor felt the sensor prototype the circuit and coding design the physical circuit with the bag ...more

Make a HUG ball

HUG was a project commissioned by the City of Edinburgh Council for its Traveling Gallery exhibition Access All Areas in 2007. The concept was for the object to seem to return the affection of a human hug, through the use of soft switches, recorded sound, and vibration. The feedback of visitors to the exhibition was extremely positive – it seems like the very simple interaction has something powerfully affective at its heart (you can see a paper describing this, accepted for ISEA 2009, here). ...more

Capacitive Sensor Development Board

This tutorial details how to make a simple breakout for the Arduino CapacitiveSensor library. The library turns two or more pins of an Arduino pins into a capacitive sensor which can then be used to sense the electrical capacitance of the human body. ...more