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interesting post by Steve Maslin – Design for the Mind Have you ever stopped to wonder why much of the general guidance on access, seems to extend not much further than a brief mention of way-finding when access relates to people with neurological needs, and wondered whether there was more to the subject? Yes there is more to the subject but, one usually has to hunt for it.  Dementia Services Development Centre and the National Autistic Society are amongst those who have developed understanding of the subject but this isn’t general knowledge.Design for the Mind ...more

Internet of Things Overview – // Build 2015 /

In this session, Microsoft provide an overview of the Microsoft IoT portfolio. They show how easily one can create solutions using Windows IoT “Athens" on mobile and industry devices. They also show Windows services that allow you to codelessly gather data from these devices to assess health, to manage state and to keep these them up to date. This session also covers the Azure IoT Suite, a comprehensive cloud-based offering for IoT that enables customers to quickly provision end to end IoT solutions supporting a wide range of devices and operating systems and take advantage of cutting edge Azure capabilities like stream processing and machine learning to power their businesses. ...more

Electronic Traces

Electronic Traces is an interactive project designed to allow ballet dancers to recreate their movements in digital pictures using a customizable mobile application. It was prototyped by product-designer Lesia Trubat mixing technological, artisanal skills and using Arduino Lilypad, force sensitive resistors and accelerometer. For more information on the project check out the arduino block posting here. ...more