e-Textile summer camp 2015

Tincuta Heinzel recently attended the e-Textile summer camp at Paillard in France, including her emerging collaborative work with the ATRG (Advanced Textile Research Group) at NTU in the swatch book, and presenting the Internet of Soft Things project. Tincuta's development of explorative electronic textile components is an important aspect of the project, examining robustness issues as well as translation between form and material. ...more

UbiComp’15 update – Workshop on Participatory Design and the Humanist Landscape

If you are planning on joining us at the Workshop on Participatory Design and the Humanist Landscape, 7-8 September at UbiComp 2015, please note there is a change of plan. Instead of an organised hands-on activity, we will be delivering three talks:   Introduction to the PCA as an attitude for Participatory Design Introduction to IPR as a participatory design method Reflections on the heuristic experiences of a multidisciplinary team trying to bring the PCA to Participatory Design (with emphasis on the IPR method) ...more

Make a crocheted stretch sensor

  We are aiming to make a bag with a handle that senses when you have over-filled it.   The steps in this project are: crochet the sensor felt the sensor prototype the circuit and coding design the physical circuit with the bag ...more

Make a HUG ball

HUG was a project commissioned by the City of Edinburgh Council for its Traveling Gallery exhibition Access All Areas in 2007. The concept was for the object to seem to return the affection of a human hug, through the use of soft switches, recorded sound, and vibration. The feedback of visitors to the exhibition was extremely positive – it seems like the very simple interaction has something powerfully affective at its heart (you can see a paper describing this, accepted for ISEA 2009, here). ...more

Connected World?

We attended the annual United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Research Conference last Saturday on a beautiful day in Regent's Park in London. Our presentation was titled 'Interdisciplinary Research and Implications for Therapeutic Practice in a Connected World'. ...more

Mental Health Awareness Training

  Haley Berry of the Nottinghamshire Mind Network has delivered this excellent awareness training to the team twice now - once at the start of the project, and once for the invited textile artists in phase 2. Equally powerful each time. Mental Health Awareness Training 2015 ...more

Capacitive Sensor Development Board

This tutorial details how to make a simple breakout for the Arduino CapacitiveSensor library. The library turns two or more pins of an Arduino pins into a capacitive sensor which can then be used to sense the electrical capacitance of the human body. ...more

interesting post by Steve Maslin – Design for the Mind

https://stevemaslin.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/design-for-the-mind/ Have you ever stopped to wonder why much of the general guidance on access, seems to extend not much further than a brief mention of way-finding when access relates to people with neurological needs, and wondered whether there was more to the subject? Yes there is more to the subject but, one usually has to hunt for it.  Dementia Services Development Centre and the National Autistic Society are amongst those who have developed understanding of the subject but this isn’t general knowledge.Design for the Mind ...more

A Narrative of An Internet of Soft Things – ArcIntex Network Conference 2015

This year we were extremely excited to be the next host for the the ArcInTex Network Conference. This was a packed week of  3 day and 1 day workshops and a 2 day symposium held between Nottingham Trent University and Antenna Nottingham. ...more

An Introduction to Arduino & Micro-Controllers

Over the last few days both Steven and Tincuta hosted a workshop to introduce the IoST team to the world of Arduino and Micro-Controllers and the concept of Breakout Prototyping. ...more